Who I am today

Who I am tomorrow is already determined today. My spiritual self tomorrow is built on the foundation of the sacrifice or the compromise I make today. Sacrifice for the sake of Good or compromise for the sake of evil.

When you find a source of spiritual strength and peace, do all in your power to use it. Use it to its full potential. Sacrifice all else to feed from it. Not tomorrow, but today. Not next year, but now.

At each stage in our lives, Christ gives us exactly what we need to grow. He places before us the Good we must use to feed the good in us, and the Bad we must learn to reject in order to exorcise the bad in us.

Depending on our choice at each stage, the story of our life is slowly, gradually written. My choice today will determine the options that will be available to me tomorrow, and those will determine the ones available the day after tomorrow, and so on until the end; and so on until we become who we have chosen to become.

The brothers left back to Scotland today, after a week on the Holy Mountain. The sisters are arriving today and we shall spend a week in Euboea and Aegina. Athos has been what is has always been for me – draining me of physical energy, but feeding my soul beyond my hopes. I shall wait for things to settle in my heart and I’ll write more over the coming days.

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your support. We could not have afforded to take this annual pilgrimage without your sacrifice. I am aware of that, and I am praying for you everywhere, before each Altar, before each Icon, before each holy relic. 

May Christ bless us all.