We are here to learn how to love

This is not our time to ‘shine’ by showing empty courage and adolescent bravado. A Christian shines through humility and sacrifice of one’s self, sacrifice of one’s ‘courageous’ image in the world. 

We are human beings, made of flesh and bones. Flesh and bones can become Chalices of God’s presence in the world, but they can also become ill. As a Christian, my duty is to comfort and to love, to keep myself and my neighbour from harm.

Please be kind to one another. Stop mocking those who are weaker and making them feel uncomfortable to protect themselves. Stop piling pressure on the shoulders of those who need compassion and encouragement. Even if you are not afraid, act weaker than the person next to you, so they may feel comfortable to express their fears.

Stop playing this macho game of a macho Christianity. Christ is Love, faith in Him is expressed by Love, not beating one’s chest and pointing to those who fear. If my reactions are not founded on love and humility, they are not founded on Christ.

This is the time to remind the world that Christians are not judges. We are not here to condemn, but to love. We are not here to mock our neighbour, but to become what he / she needs to find hope, to find peace, to find grace. Stand with the weak, stand with the fallen – this is our ‘job’ in the world.

The Church has always condemned those Christians who sought out martyrdom, those who ‘bravely’ offered themselves to be martyred, because their behaviour was not founded on humility and love. As for me, even if I get infected, at least I can stand before Christ and say that I tried my best to fight this and not to pass it into anyone. The rest is in His hands, and glory be to Him for everything.

Pray for the weak and those most exposed, and try to help any way you can. Forget about ‘playing it cool’ – no one rejoices in our pride except the evil one. Be human. Be a human being, surrounded by human beings, loving them, helping them, protecting them. In this simple, living, non ‘heroic’ attitude is the Cross that will lead to the Resurrection.

This is the Great Lent – let us carry each other’s cross, and not crucify our neighbour for the sake of a ‘good image’. The real ‘Good Image’ is inside, imprinted on our souls, and that Image can only be ‘meek and humble in heart’.