US Schedule until mid-December (and thank you, Washington State)

Well, the time has come to leave Washington State. The whole experience been such a pleasant surprise, I have no words to describe my gratitude for all the kind and loving people I’ve met. I expected to leave with a few donations for our small monastic house, and I feel I’m leaving with so much more than that: friends, people I really connected with, people I know will remain in touch and will continue to pray for me and the monastery through these difficult years. Someone said this is the time when the monastery gets born, and that pain is natural. At times, that is obvious to me, too – nothing truly beautiful and blessed comes without sacrifice. Perhaps that’s because nothing truly beautiful and blessed belongs to this world, it all comes from Christ, and only a fine, transparent soul (made fine and transparent through sacrifice alone) can go beyond this world and open up to receiving something of Christ’s beauty and blessedness. I pray our monastery will be transparent enough in God’s eyes, so it may bring true beauty and blessing over its community, its benefactors and the whole world.

I don’t know how to express this. All I know is the love I’ve been surrounded with these last few days: nothing has been forgotten, nothing has been taken for granted, every single kind word is remembered and much appreciated. I’ve been reminded again that the meeting of two people is a mystery in its own right. Simply being face to face, doing our best to have an open, honest conversation, fighting to let go of all our masks for a few minutes, this is a mystery we so easily forget. Two walking breathing beings, both created in the same image of God, trying to go beyond the heavy and confusing ways of the body and really connect, really embrace in the Spirit: when we succeed, it is a true mystery; when we succeed, as we have several times over these days, I worry about nothing. When we succeed, I’m always reminded in my heart of Christ’s words: when two or three gather in My Name, I am here with you.

So, thank you, Washington State. I pray one day we meet again – either back here, in this lovely, rainy state, or at the monastery, on our lovely, rainy island.

Several of you have also asked me about the rest of my schedule while in the US. I still don’t know all the details, and I get many invitations as I advance from one parish to another, especially for events during the week. However, the talks on Sundays are all confirmed, and here they are: Milwaukie (October 19th); Santa Rosa (October 26th); Sacramento (November 2nd); Fairfield (November 9th); Garden Grove (November 16th); Tarzana (November 23rd); Phoenix (November 30th and December 7th).

I’m leaving in less than two hours, and it may be a while before I have access to the internet again. As I receive and confirm more invitations for during the week (smaller retreats, talks, more private meetings in people’s homes etc) I shall try to announce them in due time. Please continue to pray for me and the monastery – this is a place founded on your love, your sacrifice and your prayers. I’m merely a tool in God’s hands; please pray this tool continues to be in good shape and health. I very often feel like under attack (and not always lovely attacks, like the one in the attached photograph).

Puffin Attack - the original photo
Puffin Attack – the original photo
Puffin attack (I did survive, yes...)
Puffin attack (I did survive, yes…)

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    • Thank you for having me! I pray we all meet again, I felt so welcome and comfortable among you – thank you so much for that. After so much time on the road, I’ve learnt to appreciate kindness; it is a rare and precious thing.

  • Father–

    If you need a place to stay that’s near Chicago, in your travels, you’re welcome to spend a few days with us.
    We’re at 402 Niesen Street in La Porte, Indiana. Phone number: 219-324-8364.
    With you in Christ,
    Fr,. James +

    • Thank you, dear Father. If I ever return to the United States (which I hope to do in a year or two), I shall be in touch. I very much appreciate your invitation, thank you so much. It’s always good to feel welcome, it makes all the difference.
      In Christ,
      fr seraphim

  • And thank you for coming to Ellensburg tonight, Father Seraphim. We enjoyed our evening with you and it ended too soon. Our family‚Äôs prayers will be with you, and we hope to support your work and see you again.

    • Thank you, Juliana. I very much enjoyed being in Ellensburg, it felt very intimate and friendly, almost like a family meeting. Please do continue to pray for and to support the monastery. We all want this to happen – God gave us this wonderful church, it’s up to us to do the rest. I hope to see again some day, perhaps in the Hebrides!

  • ‘TWA’ as Fr. Lazarus Moore of thrice blessed memory used to say….(Travel with Angels!) It was a joy having you dear Father! May I see you one day in Kilninian, on the isle of Mull! May our Sweetest Christ bless these endeavors!

    • Amen, dear father Moses. May God hear you. Please pray for the monastery and for me – these are difficult years, but love and prayer can make it all possible. Your brother in Christ, fr seraphim

  • Dear Fr Serafim, I have been knitting traditional black hats for priest & I would love to send you one. How would I get it to you? An address here in the States, or to the monastery?

    Love in Christ,
    ~ Ita

    • Dear Ita, forgive me – internet access is difficult to find while travelling, so I’m very slow in replying. I would very much appreciate one of your hats, thank you. Please use the address for Protection Monastery, our sister monastery in Lake George, Colorado (you’ll find the complete address above, just follow the link for ‘Ways YOU can help’). May God bless all of us. Please pray for me to St Ita.

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