This crisis is our own doing. We need to repent, which means to CHANGE

Hold on to your spiritual sanity, my dear, dear ones. This crisis is NOT a conspiracy against the Church, this is not directed against the Divine Liturgy or the Sacraments. The real danger is to allow the voices that tell you otherwise to influence your heart, so that your heart might harden and not love anymore. 

The real danger is that you might be pushed into separating from the rest of this fallen humanity which Christ SO loved that He gave His Life for its salvation. We all created this crisis by abusing our world – we are one in this sin, as we are one in the sin of our forefather Adam.

The way forward is to not repeat the same mistake he did. The way forward it to ignore the one who tells your heart to bite of the fruit of hatred, and to obey the Voice of Him Who tells your heart to Love. There is no life in hatred. Life and Love and One and the same – Jesus Christ, our loving God on the Cross.