Theophany & starting on our pilgrimage

A peaceful (freezing) day at Kilninian, cleaning the gutters, tending the new rose bushes and continuing work on the floor – we’ve been slowly sanding it for three weeks now.
Blinding (but still freezing) sun, hale out of the blue, clouds so low I could almost touch them from the top of the roof – the weather has been glorious but wild lately.
The ferries were cancelled for a few days, so Theophany was truly silent and set apart from the world. I am so grateful for these days of silence, but I am also beginning to look forward to our beautiful long summer days, filled with the laughter and the life stories of our pilgrims.
Pray for us these coming days, as we become pilgrims ourselves for a while – the brothers and I shall start our trip to Athos tomorrow, and the sisters will soon begin their pilgrimage to St David, St John the Russian, St Jakobos and St Nektarios in a few days.
As always, you are all with us. If you need prayer at this time, just send us a message. Yours in Christ, fr seraphim