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A few days ago, a good friend sent me this link to a brief article by Terry Mattingly (to whom I am very grateful) about our Monastery:

I read it, and I was amazed (again!) by the madness of the whole situation – the author is perfectly right, it’s all down to building a toilet. If we are to return Orthodox monasticism to these ancient Christian isles, all we need to do is build a toilet, so it is legal for us to live on the premises. The problem (of course there is a problem!) is that in order to build that toilet we need to buy some land first, and that land costs 65,000 pounds (approximately 100,000 dollars). This makes our toilet one of the most expensive toilets in the entire world history! Just our luck!…

Right now, we own Kilninian (the church itself), but no land at all – not even a square metre. It feels as if God has kept His part of the ‘deal’ (offering us the church), and it is now up to us to provide for the land. Thanks to the generosity of many of you, we have raised half of the money we need to buy the land; if you can, please help us raise the other half:


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  • Howdy!

    Where did you learn that word…You’re not from the South.

    Happy to meet you. Heard your voice in the background when I spoke to Mother Cassianna

    the other day. Where would we send a donation? We have a convert whose roots are also

    Scottish and we’re very excited for both you and Mother. We’ll be following your adventures.

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    • Dear Barbara, my travels have taken me to Texas, so I’ve had to learn certain words 🙂

      Donations can be sent to Mother Cassianna’ monastery (Protection Monastery), just make a mention somewhere on the cheque that it is for Scotland Monastery. Here is a link with all the information you need:

      It was so great to hear from you yesterday. Mother was very happy, too. I’ll write an email.

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