The day when we all say Thank You

Day by day, week by week, you have supported the Monastery through the most difficult year in its young life. You have been generous, you have been kind, you have believed in this Dream and have encouraged me to trust God’s will and keep working.

Today, I feel the need to thank you for it all. Thank you and may God bless you.

By God’s grace and through the many ways in which you have supported me, this year we have achieved three vital things for the future of the Monastery:

  • We have finished the complete repairs to the roof of Kilninian, our 1755 church of Sts Ninian and Cuthbert. The building works to make the church wind- and rainproof again lasted for one full year, but we saved this national heritage building for one more next generation.
  • We bought a house on the island, which means that I can move to Mull permanently in April next year and restart monastic life on the Island. The house is very close to Iona, St Columba’s holy island, and we shall use it as a Pilgrimage House after we build the Monastery at Kilninian.
  • We bought the land surrounding Kilninian. These five acres of land are essential for the Monastery, as this is where we hope to build the future monastic cells.

For all these things and for the countless ways in which you have made them possible, please accept my gratitude and my love in Christ.

Yours in Him,

fr seraphim