The Chronicles are back to support us!

Ben Anderson’s The McGunnegal Chronicles return to support the monastery.

Until the end of April, 50% of all book sales proceeds for all books in the series will go to our Monastery.

The Chronicles began as a long series of bedtime stories that he told his children, and these turned into a set of three books (so far) that use the genre of fantasy to “speak in whispers”  of Orthodox spirituality, faith, and life. These are clean, fun adventure stories appropriate for any age group, and like the books of C.S. Lewis, Tolkien and others, provide the thoughtful reader with many nuggets of truth to think on, particularly from an Orthodox perspective.

The first three books of The McGunnegal Chronicles are bound in a single volume called “The Strange Land Trilogy”, which is available in Kindle format from Amazon UK and Amazon US.
More information about ‘The Strange Land Trilogy’ is available on Ben’s personal blog.