Sunday of our Home-Made Saints

Here is a gift for you: a Cross from Iona, in anticipation of the Second Sunday after Pentecost, when we celebrate our Local Saints. This is the Feast Day of our Monastery, the Feast of All Celtic Saints.

This is the Feast Day of the priceless Saints who found their salvation on these Isles; the Feast Day of the Christian tradition of this country; the Feast Day of the great heritage they left in our care.

One day – soon, by God’s grace – I shall be able to post beautiful photographs with our Church covered in flowers, sisters running around preparing for the Feast, pilgrims overcome with joy, people who have returned to the Isles to commemorate their long-departed ancestors, and a happy (hopefully, still alive) fr seraphim.

Until then, we are united in prayer and in hope. This is the Sunday of our home-made Saints – the Saints made of the same dust we are made of, the dust of the same fields and mountains we walk today; the saints who breathed the same air and drank from the same rivers we do.

Do not forget them. Do not neglect them. They are our wonderful (some times hidden, known only to a few of us) brothers and sisters.

Ultimately, their Feast Day reminds us that, if they could do it, so can we!

Happy Feast Day, everyone!

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