St Ninian’s Feast Day

Happy Feast Day, dear friends! Today we celebrate St Ninian, the wonderful protector of our Church and the spiritual founder of our Monastery. I think this is the perfect day to let you know about two very recent and extremely important developments concerning the Monastery.
First, we have finally bought the land surrounding Kilninian! A few days ago, while I was at Diveyevo (in Russia), praying to St Seraphim, all the documentation was completed and signed. The Monastery is now the legal owner of five acres of land around Kilninian and the ancient cemetery.
The second announcement is the side-effect of the first. Because we paid for the land in cash (that is, with no mortgage or credit) the Monastery is now in the financial position of a five year old. We can buy some candy with the money we have left, but not much else 🙂
But (like a five year old in possession of good candy) I am happy and I do not worry. I know we are doing God’s work. I know we act under the blessing and protection of the Celtic Saints. This Monastery is the fruit of their prayer before Christ, and I know that prayer will help us carry on until God’s work is fulfilled.
Today, let us be happy. It is the Feast Day of an extraordinary Saint. In 397, St Ninian founded the first documented monastery in Scotland. Spiritually, it feels perfectly natural that the history of our Monastery should also start with Kilninian, St Ninian’s Church, and his Holy Well.
St Ninian started his work in Scotland in 397, and he is still working in 2017! Once a founder, always a founder! As for all of us, who have worked and prayed and sacrificed for all of this to become possible, I think of us as St Ninian’s little helpers.
Be blessed, little helpers. Be happy.



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  • I am indeed very happy, dear Father! The clear financial standing is a great blessing, as was the timing while you were at Diveyevo.

    Venerable Father Ninian, pray to God for us!

    from St Seraphim/Protection
    Santa Rosa California

    • Dear Dana, Thank you for this – I so wanted to come and visit you at St Seraphim’s this coming Lent. We had planned it all, including with Archbishop Benjamin, but then those horrible fires took place, and it just did not feel right anymore. You have friends and neighbours who need your support more than we do right now. God willing, I shall return in a different year, and we shall all pray again in your beautiful (for it really is beautiful) church. In fact, it has become a Cathedral now, if I remember correctly.

      Anyway, thank you for remembering me. Please keep me and the monastery in your prayers.

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