St Kentigern

St Kentigern knew evil from his mother’s womb. St Thaney, his mother was raped. Yet he did not allow evil to touch him, to define him. He saw it for what it was, he called it what it was and did not tolerate it in his heart. 

He did not negotiate with it, did not engage with it, did not pretend not to see or recognise it in order the serve his own purpose and to make his life here easier.

Christ chose him since He created him, the way Christ chooses all of us and brings all of us from the darkness of non-being into the light of being. But unlike us, St Kentigern heard and honoured that calling like the Treasure of his life, the one Treasure one needs to guard.

We celebrate his Feast today (January 13) – I pray he strengthens our souls to do what he did, to follow Christ like he did, so we may all become Christ-like and be saved.