Service on July, 6th

It’s been such a lovely evening at the Monastery!

We arrived in Oban quite late and took the last ferry to Mull; we got to the monastery after 11 pm, and started the service around midnight – we celebrated the All-night Vigil, followed by the Divine Liturgy. Four young men from Glasgow decided to come with me, and they formed a beautiful little choir, so everything went perfect.

By 6 am we were done, but could hardly move! Thank God, the light on Mull never seems to go away and that helped us get back into our car and head all the way back to Glasgow; soon after 11 pm, I was back in Durham, were I’ve lived for the last four years now.

For me, personally, the most touching moment of this whole marathon of prayer was the extraorinary feeling of belonging I always have when I’m at Kilninian. This time, towards 4 am, during the Liturgy, I felt the most powerful bond with all those men and women buried in the cemetry of the church. At 5:30 am, when we finished, although we were all extremely tired, we went outside, in that gentle morning light, and prayed for all those who found their final place of rest in that cemetry. We censed their graves and prayed for the forgiveness of their sins and for their salvation. In time, I hope to learn their names, so I can pray for them individually.

The whole experience has been such a great gift from the Lord, I look forward for the next service, on the Feast of the Transfiguration on 6th of August.

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  • The Holy Spirit always brings us unity – not outward things – but unutterable humility and love for God and each other. I always felt that closeness with saints who have gone ahead.

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