Restarting our podcasts & Thank you

I need your help to restart recording ‘Through a Monk’s Eye’ – our series of podcasts for AFRadio. I have not recorded any new material for over two years, but I am now determined to start again. My work at the University of Oxford is finished and I shall move permanently to the Isle of Mull in a week, so – hopefully – I shall have more time avaialable for it.

I would like the new podcasts to be shorter and more interactive, so please send me questions, ideas, topics etc either in a private FB message or at my email – Please send me practical questions that impact you personally, in a real way (in other words, stay away from theoretical ones).

This morning I am flying back to Europe, after three months of travelling through Canada and the USA. I want to thank you all for evrything – for your kindness, for your hospitality, for bringing me into your lives, your homes and yours churches. Thank you for listening to me, speaking to me, praying with me. Thank you for offering your support, your advice and your love for the foundation of the Monastery of All Celtic Saints on the Isle of Mull – it all counts, every single drop of it, and I pray Christ blesses you for it.

I am flying back and I shall face new challenges, new difficulties, new moments of panic and dispair. I wish I were above it all, but I am not. Each new chapter of the life of the Monastery opens with temptation and pain. But I leave encouraged by the amazing support and enthusiam I have found in you all. By the grace of God and through your prayers, I shall try to work more and to keep going. Step by step, I shall keep you updated on the progress of the Monastery – we started this journey together, God will grant us to see its fulfillment, too.

That is all. On behalf of the Monastery, thank you all for everything, and may we all be blessed.

Christ is risen!

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  • God Bless you and keep you, make His face to shine upon you, and save you. Christ is Risen!
    I have loved the Podcasts. Thank you

  • Father Bless,
    Christ is Risen! It is Friday of Bright Week and what JOY!
    Wonderful that you were able to be with our Parish in Colorado right before Holy Week.
    On to the podcasts (so glad you are resuming them) and my own suggestions on what I would love to hear.
    As you have been speaking and writing, and with the nuns arrival on Mull, I suspect that interest in the lives of the Celtic Saints will increase. What has been almost lost is bubbling up once more.
    I’ve been using this interactive daily calendar which is the first time I’ve heard of most of these dear Saints.

    I love your talks on the lives of Celtic Saints, the unique Spirituality of our Fathers and Mother’s who were contemporaries of the Desert Fathers in Egypt.
    When I read the songs and prayers of Scots Orthodox Christians from long ago in the Hebrides it is a wonder and a tragedy that such a faith could be made illegal.
    I’m old and running on (a bad habit).
    My request: Stories if Celtic Saints, Celtic Spirituality.

    I will see you in June!

    Christos Anesti!

    Bonnie Johnstone

  • I very much enjoyed ‘Through a monk’s eye’ and am glad to see it starting again. Will have to try to think of a question to ask.

  • Father bless
    My name is Simon Teague, I live in Hampshire and have been Orthodox for Twenty one years having, by the mercy of God, converted from Protestantism.
    I ‘found’ you through YouTube videos. It is so encouraging and inspiring to see what you are doing and would very much like to help with your ventures and perhaps visit you in Mull? Not just as a pilgrim but also perhaps to offer some practice physical labour.
    I pray that our Saviour will make the monastery a much needed beacon for Orthodoxy, truth and light in this spirituality impoverished nation.

  • I’m back Fr. Serifim! Now that I’ve been to Mull on the Pilgrimage (sign up everyone!) my next idea for a podcast is St. Patrick’s Breastplate!
    This powerful prayer (or declaration) that we said together on Mull is something that I’ve been passing along to those in need. I hope to start a small group to continue as we did on Mull within my Parish.

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