Protection Monastery, Colorado: our sister monastery

Well, I somehow survived the flight and I’m now in Colorado. I’ve come straight to the Protection Monastery in Lake George, Colorado, and I shall stay here for the next two weeks, having a bit of rest and preparing for the four talks I’ll give at the beginning of February in Phoenix, Arizona.

It feels so good to be able to celebrate the daily Liturgy again! I missed it more than anything else.

The Protection Monastery is our sister-monastery, and much of my trip in the States has been organised by Mother Cassiana, from the Protection Monastery. I owe her enormously, and I pray that God will repay her kindness and generosity. Apart from putting me in contact with many of the benefactors of her monastery, she has also granted us the European copyright for ‘The Life of Elder Cleopa’, one of the books edited by her monastery. This means that Mull Monastery has the right to print the book and sell it in the EU.

The place itself and the monastery are simply stunning – they are on top of the Rocky Mountains, so high I can barely breathe (I have to put Oxygen drops in my water to relax). When you look DOWN, you can see the clouds separating us from the rest of the world. Glory be to God for this wonderful place and the kind people who live here.


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  • And all the prayers of all the saints of Scotland are with you. I lived in Denver for nearly five years and never knew of this monastery until I left – which makes me sad. But I am glad you are there and thank you for the photographs.

    • You are welcome, dear Margaret. The monastery is so beautiful, and I am full of admiration for Mother Cassiana’s faith: it’s not at all easy to found a monastery! I’m now discovering that myself – the hard way! Sorry to not have replied sooner, I’ve only now learnt how to do it – I feel a hundred years old 🙂

    • I’ve only now learnt how to reply to comments! Yes, they do have heating, thank God! Next time you’re in the area, do visit the monastery as well. It’s been there for almost twenty years, and Mother Cassiana must be one of the oldest monastics in America (not age-wise, but according to how long she’s been a nun – way over forty years). She was actually tonsured at Varatec Monastery (in Romania) during communism, which says a lot about her faith and determination!

      • Unlikely to go back to Denver – now ensconced in a temporary Orthodox monastic house here in Edinburgh (sunny Scotland) (Russian) Abbot Michael

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