Phoenix Retreat

All I can say is that it has been a wonderful experience! The first wonderful thing about it is that I’ve survived, I’m still alive to tell the story. The truth is that a Clergy Retreat is (can be) in many ways much easier than an academic conference: unlike academic conferences, everyone present at these Retreats are united by the same faith and by an honest common desire to learn something from the presenter. And that makes all the difference.

Following this Retreat, a few of the fathers there have invited me to give smaller retreats and to preach in their own parishes, while also fundraising for our monastery. I shall keep you updated as these invitations are confirmed.

Also, Archbishop Nathaniel was kind enough to agree that I should break one of my presentations (the one on ‘Spiritual Fatherhood’) into several smaller pieces to be published in Solia, the Diocese journal. This is also great news, as the Solia is read by a large number of people who will, this way, get to know of our monastery.

I have no photos right now from the Retreat, but I expect to receive some over the next few days; if I do, I shall upload them here. When I have them, I shall also upload the audio versions of my presentations. Many, many thanks for those of you who support me through your prayer – whatever you do, you’re doing it right; please keep doing it.