To die alone

Once you entered marriage or monasticism, that Sacrament becomes your personal cross. Like any other cross it will kill you, but that is not something to run away from, but something to embrace. That is the whole point of carrying … Read more

Teach your children Love

What exactly is there to teach a child (or a teenager, for that matter)? In what ways is it beneficial for a child to sit down and learn about the Holy Trinity or Christ’s two natures? Is that where we … Read more

The great Grace of suffering

Armenia appeared out of nowhere: a great fortress facing the hills of Georgia. There it was, just in front of us, a wall of mountains which seemed unfriendly and unwelcoming. The roads are bad, the villages are small and remote, the … Read more

Founding places for holiness

These last days I’m visiting two wonderful countries – Georgia and Armenia – hoping that Christ would allow me to pray in some of their holy places. This will be a brief post. I just want to note how much … Read more

On the Role of the Body

To reduce your prayer to the mind alone, with no participation of the body, is just as alienating as to reduce your prayer to what the body can do, with no involvement of the mind. To say that one can … Read more

Compromise and Betrayal

As time goes by and the fire of the first week of Lent gradually dies out, things concerning our life in the world regain their strength and take over our days once again, while things concerning our life in Christ … Read more