Chalices of Flesh and Bones

God’s presence sanctifies all. Space and time – the dull and superficial space and time of our daily lives – are sanctified by Christ’s presence. Think of that this Sunday, when your priest comes out of the Altar holding the chalice … Read more

Sacred Spaces

I’ve always found it difficult to think of sacredness in terms of space (or time, for that matter). If sacredness is (as it is) a result of God’s presence in the world, I cannot see how space or time can … Read more

Notes from Iona

One week on Iona. Alone, in my tent. A few days and nights with nothing to face except Christ’s love for His creation: you and I. A few days suspended from the empty rush of this life. Some time out … Read more

Prayer by Night

Pray by night. Pray alone. Pray using no book, no image, no thought. Just stay awake for ten minutes after you wake up to have a glass of water, after your child or a nightmare wakes you. Stand there in … Read more

Sunday of our Home-Made Saints

Here is a gift for you: a Cross from Iona, in anticipation of the Second Sunday after Pentecost, when we celebrate our Local Saints. This is the Feast Day of our Monastery, the Feast of All Celtic Saints. This is … Read more