One photograph

This is we, the pilgrims of last summer, praying on the beach of St Columba’s Bay on Iona. When I close my eyes and think back to 2015, this is the image that captures it best: a handful of people, … Read More

Waiting for Christ

This has been such a tough year – not only for so many of us, but for the world as a whole. Like never before, I long for Christ to come and turn this dust we are made of into … Read More

On the Feast Day of St Oran of Iona

I would have liked to write one more post about St Brendan’s Isle, mostly to show you the ruins of the sixth century church and monastery which we shall visit during our pilgrimages next summer. Since today we celebrate St … Read More

The Irish Cells on St Brendan’s Isle

There is something unique about St Brendan’s island, something I find very difficult to put into words, because I have no term of comparison. These Celtic Pilgrimages are filled with places of such spiritual strength that they can be overwhelming. … Read More

Chalices of Flesh and Bones

God’s presence sanctifies all. Space and time – the dull and superficial space and time of our daily lives – are sanctified by Christ’s presence. Think of that this Sunday, when your priest comes out of the Altar holding the chalice … Read More

Sacred Spaces

I’ve always found it difficult to think of sacredness in terms of space (or time, for that matter). If sacredness is (as it is) a result of God’s presence in the world, I cannot see how space or time can … Read More