The toilet

A few days ago, a good friend sent me this link to a brief article by Terry Mattingly (to whom I am very grateful) about our Monastery: I read it, and I was amazed (again!) by the madness of the whole … Read More

Christ is risen!

I finally have some internet access! Mother Cassiana has ‘descended’ from the mountains into Colorado Springs to do some shopping, so I can use the internet for a few hours in a cafe (quite a beautiful place, Agia Sophia Cafe, … Read More

Before Pascha

In a few minutes, I shall leave New York and return to Mother Cassiana’s monastery in Lake George, Colorado. Glory be to God, I am SO happy to be in a monastery during Holy Week and Pascha! Until the end … Read More

The Chronicles are back to support us!

Ben Anderson’s The McGunnegal Chronicles return to support the monastery. Until the end of April, 50% of all book sales proceeds for all books in the series will go to our Monastery. The Chronicles began as a long series of bedtime … Read More

Come on, people! Have some courage!

We (humans) seem to have a deep fascination with hell, eternal fire and all related elements. We (the Orthodox) like to condiment our prayers with images of hell, we adorn our churches with huge icons of the Last Judgement or … Read More

An Orthodox jewel in NYC

WHAT a joy my visit to the OCA Cathedral in New York has proved to be! Who would have thought that I would feel so welcome among these extreme urbanites 🙂 First, the church itself is breath-taking: not only beautiful, … Read More