A post about nothing

This is just to get me started again – for over a month now, I imagine this beautiful post, which would do a lot of things at the same time: 1. it would tell you how difficult these silent weeks … Read more

At the end of a tough week

These last few weeks have been so beautiful; I’ve had my ups (which I have shared with you) and my downs (which I shall share with you in time), but – overall – it’s been a wonderful period. I finally … Read more

St Laurence Monastery

Well, there’s a first time for everything – last week, I visited St Laurence Monastery, a Western Rite Orthodox Monastery about two hours away from Protection Monastery. The drive was absolutely stunning! The Rockies are so shamelessly beautiful, especially at … Read more

Painting Exhibition about the Monastery

Cockenzie House and Gardens are hosting an Exhibition of paintings and drawings, which includes a section on the Monastery of Saints Ninian and Cuthbert. The Exhibition will be open until Sunday, 25th of May. The overall title of the Exhibition … Read more

The toilet

A few days ago, a good friend sent me this link to a brief article by Terry Mattingly (to whom I am very grateful) about our Monastery: http://easternchristianinsights.blogspot.ro/2014/04/building-orthodox-monastery-on-isle-of.html I read it, and I was amazed (again!) by the madness of the whole … Read more

Christ is risen!

I finally have some internet access! Mother Cassiana has ‘descended’ from the mountains into Colorado Springs to do some shopping, so I can use the internet for a few hours in a cafe (quite a beautiful place, Agia Sophia Cafe, … Read more

Before Pascha

In a few minutes, I shall leave New York and return to Mother Cassiana’s monastery in Lake George, Colorado. Glory be to God, I am SO happy to be in a monastery during Holy Week and Pascha! Until the end … Read more

The Chronicles are back to support us!

Ben Anderson’s The McGunnegal Chronicles return to support the monastery. Until the end of April, 50% of all book sales proceeds for all books in the series will go to our Monastery. The Chronicles began as a long series of bedtime … Read more