The beggar monk

Some time ago, I’ve been told that I’m basically a beggar – which is definitely true, of course. The thought remained with me, and evolved from slight horror (after all, I’m not a saint, so my pride is still kicking), … Read More

This is how you helped

One of the questions that you keep asking me when we meet face to face is how to support the Monastery. The obvious answer is to consider making a donation (and you can find all about how to do that … Read More

Pilgrimage to Mull & Iona (should we?)

The idea of an Orthodox pilgrimage to Mull, Iona and the neighbouring isles has been suggested to me in practically every parish I visited this past year. I have been initially (and still remain) rather afraid to try organising any … Read More

Back on the road

Not that it’s been any different this past year… Dear friends, I’m back in the United States, after a very busy summer in the UK, and I thought I should bring all of you up to date with what we’ve … Read More

Iona Pilgrimage (August 2 – 9)

I want to thank Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) and the organisers of the pilgrimage to Iona for inviting me to join them this year. I’m not sure of the exact schedule of the pilgrimage, but I know it will include a … Read More

Monastery of All Celtic Saints

Much thought was put into deciding the Feast-Day of the Monastery. The Church was originally dedicated to St Ninian; as you know, we’ve decided to also add St Cuthbert, as a sign of unity between Christians in the British Isles. … Read More

New martyrs. New mob.

I’ve learnt something important from the horrors of the last few weeks. As I pray for the Christians in Mosul, it becomes clear to me that I need their prayers more than they need mine. I do my best to … Read More

Inner Farne: St Cuthbert’s hermitage

Despite the December look, this is actually July: the great British summer we know and love… The most striking thing about visiting the Farne Islands is how unaware people seem of the Christian history of the area. I simply cannot … Read More