Not punishment, but Grace

Christ is not ‘taking revenge’ on the dust that we are, because He loves this dust – He created it, He imprinted His Image on it and gave Himself as a sacrifice so this dust can once more fully reflect His Divine Image.

It happens at times that Christ will allow our world to crash down around us, but this is not the result of you doing something wrong. Even if you have done something wrong (which you have, as we all have), this is not why this is happening.

Neither is this a sign that Christ and His Saints do not love you any more, or that They have withdrawn from you. Christ’s love never changes and He is everywhere present, from the heights of a Saint’s heart to the depth of a sinner’s repentance.

At times, Christ allows things to happen because we need to start paying attention to ourselves and our lives again. It is a way to draw our attention to the fact that we have reached a point when things cannot simply continue to be the way they have been, a sign that spiritual inertia is no longer taking you in the direction He wants you to go. At times, He allows a stumbling boulder to block your way, so you have to stop and pay attention once more to where you are and where you are heading.

You are in a state of Grace now. Trust me – even if it does not feel that way, you are blind regarding your life because you are surrounded by this thick cloud of Grace. 

Be patient, pay attention and allow His Grace to feed you – when the cloud lifts up (and it will), you will have a different and clear understanding of everything. You will know which way He wants you to move, and you will have to face the real temptation: to follow His lead or to pretend this never happened. I pray you have the holy madness to always hold on to Your Saviour. Yours in Him, fr s