Never let go

What happens to our hearts that we forgive so quickly those moments of truth and joy, those glimpses of revelation when Christ reveals Himself to us, and overflows our hearts with the unworldly CERTAINTY of His love? It feels so real in the moment, it feels so certain and eternal.

Why do we allow the evil one to rob us of that treasure instead of guarding it with our whole being? I sin, but I refuse to let go of His love. I fall, I fail, I become dust without life again – not once, but hundreds of times, day after day, year after year – but I refuse to listen to that evil voice that tells me Christ does not love me. I may die in my sin, but I pray I die holding on to His Love – like a weed, like a virus, like a dying wild beast not letting go till its last breath.

Christ’s Love is not like our love. It does not exist because I have done something to generate it. Christ’s Love is God Himself – the same yesterday, today and in eternity. It does not exist because of what I do, and it does not die out because of something I cannot do. Quite the opposite – I exist because this Love brought me into being, and I shall continue to BE for as long as I do not let go of Him Who is Life.

‘May Your mercy be upon me according as I have hoped in You.’ I pray we all hope in Him all the way to His Kingdom.