Learn to love the unlovable

Don’t let go of Christ’s Love, because if you lose your faith in His Love you have lost faith in Christ Himself. Don’t let the evil one erase His Love from your heart, for God is Love Himself. 

Fight for your faith in His Love with the might and the desperation with which you protect your faith in Christ Himself, because there is no separation, no difference between God and His Love.

When I say fight I do not use the word lightly. You will need to overcome the world, the unseen evil spirits and the greatest enemy of all – your own self.

Everything in the world and everything coming from the evil one will teach you that Christ’s Love does not exist, because this is the same as saying that Christ Himself does not exist.

Even more difficult will be the battle against your senses, your brain, your logic – you need to believe that Christ loves you even as you yourself will learn to hate yourself beyond limit. You need to learn to love this pitiful worthless being which is your very self. You need to love it simply because Christ loves it.

And as you learn to love the unlovable in you, you learn a drop of Christ’s Love. And as you partake of that drop of His Love you will partake of God Himself, because God is Love.

You will find your salvation in the process of hating yourself but not destroying yourself – just as Christ has taught us a long, long time ago and is still teaching us every second of our lives, when we see no light, no joy, no life in us.