In Hospital

Please forgive me for missing this week’s videos, audio messages, emails and everything else.

On Sunday morning, I woke up paralysed from shoulders up. Things only got worse with time, and by Monday I was in the Emergency Room in Glasgow, where I am still am. I’ll probably be kept here for a few more days, so I may be treated with intravenous antibiotics and other such delicacies. The doctors suspect a collection of infections (alongside my upper spine, in my spinal disks, possibly in the bone as well) and they will not let me leave until they have dealt with it.

I know this sounds relatively bad. However, the last two weeks have been some of the most beautiful and blessed in the history of our Monastery (I’ll tell you all in due time) and if this temptation has to be the other side of all that wonderful grace, then GLORY BE TO GOD!

Please pray for my health and the forgiveness of my sins, and – more importantly – please pray for our Community, so we may get through this moment stronger and closer to each other and our Lord.

Yours in Christ (with only half my blood, because they stole the rest),

fr seraphim