Happy New Year 2020!

The world feels very small these months, a tiny space shrouded in fog and clouds. It seems like it has always been winter, that the rains and the winds have been with us since the creation of the world, and that the sun and its light are nothing but myths.

But we are happy in Christ, we have our Divine Liturgy (we have been celebrating almost daily for months now) and our Saints to talk to. We are very much looking forward to a few days away in mid-January. I hope to get to the Holy Mountain with the brothers, and then take the sisters on a small pilgrimage to St Nektarios of Aegina. We all need to dry and scrape the green moss off our bones!

The new year is here, with immense challenges and opportunities to heal. May we take these opportunities and heal ourselves, heal our relationships, our spiritual lives and even – with God’s blessing- heal our planet. May this be a year we look back upon with great pride in Christ! Let us do all in our power so we may become a drop of blessing for the world, and not yet another drop of poison.

Happy New Year and a blessed Feast of St Seraphim. Thank you for all your kind and loving messages, from Christmas Day through the New Year and St Seraphim’s Feast Day. All of us at the Monastery are amazed and so grateful that anyone should think of us and take the time to send us their good wishes!

Yours in Christ, with all my love, fr seraphim