Good bye, beautiful Greece

I had forgotten how many colours there are in the world! How wonderful the sun feel on one’s face! How delicious fresh fruit can be! On behalf of the entire community, a huge thank you to everyone who has helped us organise this pilgrimage. We said goodbye to St Nectarius and sunny Aegina this morning, and we are now on our way back to the rainy (but so dear to my heart) Isle of Mull.

Everyone at the Monastery bows down in gratitude and prays that Christ returns your love for us when you need it most. This has been an amazing and most-needed gift and we are overwhelmed by the generosity of so many people who have made it possible. The thought that anyone should care about our health and well-being is a sign of Christ’s presence in your hearts.

After a full year of work for the Monastery, after our US trips and the eleven weeks of pilgrimages we ran through the summer of last year, in the middle of our long dark winter months – this pilgrimage to Greece has been a gift we shall remember for a very long time.

We return full of hope and ready to face the new year. February is full already, March will come with four weekends of retreats in the USA, then Pascha will come, followed by our summer pilgrimages to the Celtic Isles and Northumbria, the long pilgrimage to Moldavia – before we know it, winter will return once more.

To all who have sent us the smallest of gifts – may Christ bless you beyond reason and may the blessings we received during this pilgrimage multiply in you. 

Yours in Christ, fr seraphim