Flight to Egypt

An angel told Joseph in a dream to take the Child and flee to Egypt – get the young Mother, gather a few things and seek shelter in a pagan nation!
What angel told you, young father, to take your child and flee to us? What angel in Heaven told you that we, Christians today, would offer you shelter? What angel could possibly tell you that we, Christians today, would give your baby food and clothing, that we would give your child love and safety?
Today we worship the Child, but we sink the ships in which He sails towards us. Today we glorify the Child, but we build walls so He may never reach our homes. Today we ask for His mercy on us, as we watch Him die again and again at our hands.
An angel told Joseph to take the Theotokos and the Child into a pagan country. His Own people offered Him lip worship, but no place to be born, no safety, no future. 
Nothing changed in our hearts. The darkness is still here. And the hatred. And the dead lip worship that never reaches God’s ears.
Nothing changed in our humanity. We need a Saviour to be born, a Saviour to be crucified, we need a Child on the Cross to save us from the darkness that reigns over our hearts. Come, little One. We need a Saviour from ourselves.