Christmas Kindness Icon

Every year, the weeks before Christmas you pour your love and kindness towards the Monastery. Your support for the vision of this Monastery is always so humbling, your generosity so inspiring – I always struggle to find a blessed and meaningful way to thank you all.

I want to encourage you to keep believing in this dream and to keep helping me in my work on Mull, but I also want to offer you something in return, as a sign of my gratitude. You already have my prayer (weak as it is) and you already have the blessing of the Celtic Saints.

This Advent, I want to also offer you something more tangible, so we have commissioned two Icons of the Mother of God which will enter and bless the homes of two of our Friends.

Out of all the donations over 60 pounds we shall receive between NOW and CHRISTMAS (Old Calendar, to accommodate all of us), we shall randomly select the names of two Friends. Each of these two will receive an icon of the Mother of God, blessed by me at the Monastery of All Celtic Saints on the Isle of Mull, with water from the ancient Well of St Ninian.

60 pounds is only half of the Deposit for a commissioned icon, and a sixth of the full price of an icon. I wish I could send you all an icon, but the fact that I cannot afford to do that should not stop me from doing the little that we can afford. It is not as much as I would like, but the little we offer comes of love and with deep prayer that these icons will truly bless your homes and your lives.

To make a standard 60 pounds donation, simply purchase a ‘Christmas Kindness Icon’ from our online bookstore.

Mother of God 2