Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection, New York

This Sunday (March, 2nd), at Fr Christopher Calin’s invitation, I shall visit the OCA Orthodox Cathedral in New York (East Village, Manhattan). I shall deliver the Sunday sermon and make a presentation of the monastery after the Divine Liturgy. Thank God that the Gospel this Sunday is so full of hidden hope and love, I feel these are the only things worth preaching about. Nothing ever helped me except love, forgiveness and hope – endless hope, hope beyond hope; and nothing brings me more joy than to announce to the world Christ’s Good News.

I am suffocated with talks on the threats and horrors of the modern world – I even feel guilty listening to them, because this horrible world is the world Christ died for, and this same world He wants me to love and pray for. There’s something deeply wrong in the way we are so ready to reject everything and everyone that does not fall in a category known to us and acceptable to our social and religious values. There’s something essentially wrong in any form of rejection, of anyone – how can Love reject someone? how can Love define itself, fulfil itself by rejecting someone?

If there’s anyone who should be rejected by God, it’s myself, for my sins; and I stand here, a living proof that our God-Love embraces everyone. I’ve always loved that image of the desert Abba who died saying ‘everyone will be received in Paradise, except myself’ – and, as he was saying this, the brotherhood could hear the angels singing and see the Divine Light of God covering him.

Anyway, all I wanted was to post the Schedule for this Sunday (March, 2nd) at the OCA Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection in New York. If you are in the neighbourhood and you have any advice on fundraising for the monastery, please come and let’s have tea together. I would love to meet you, and I could definitely use your help.

A pre-Lent
Mini-retreat on
Forgiveness Sunday
Sunday, March 2
Please join us for an afternoon of 
         reflection and fellowship as we prepare to enter the period of the great and holy Fast. 
9:00am Hours/Divine Liturgy
11:45 am Lunch
12:30pm Talk & Discussion
Hieromonk Seraphim (Aldea), Ph.D.
Monastery of Ss. Ninian & Cuthbert 
Mull Island, Scotland
All are invited/Free Admission 
A Collection will be taken for the 
Restoration Fund of the Monastery.