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St Kentigern

St Kentigern knew evil from his mother’s womb. St Thaney, his mother was raped. Yet he did not allow evil to touch him, to define him. He saw it for what it was, he called it what it was and … Read more

Happy New Year 2020!

The world feels very small these months, a tiny space shrouded in fog and clouds. It seems like it has always been winter, that the rains and the winds have been with us since the creation of the world, and … Read more

Flight to Egypt

An angel told Joseph in a dream to take the Child and flee to Egypt – get the young Mother, gather a few things and seek shelter in a pagan nation!What angel told you, young father, to take your child … Read more

Asking for forgiveness

We are failing the homeless on our streets. We are failing the hungry and the thirsty in our cities. We are failing those whom we scandalise through our falseness and our hypocrisy. We are failing those to feel the need … Read more

The stags

The stags heard me as I approached. They all looked up, straight into my face, as if measuring me. There was no fear in those eyes, no movement; just a heavy sort of silence, as if they belonged to some … Read more

Come follow Me

Have you noticed that when the world suffocates you, when you barely have enough energy to keep breathing, when all is lost – those are the moments when Christ’s presence becomes tangible to us? When we are pushed against the … Read more