Before Pascha

In a few minutes, I shall leave New York and return to Mother Cassiana’s monastery in Lake George, Colorado. Glory be to God, I am SO happy to be in a monastery during Holy Week and Pascha!

Until the end of May I’ll stay in the area (Denver – Colorado), visiting some of the parishes there, and fundraising for the monastery. I shan’t have access to the internet, so it will be more difficult to post updates on the website and on the Monastery Facebook account. However, I hope to be able to keep in touch at least once a week.

In the meantime, I want to thank everyone who has supported the monastery so far. We still haven’t got to that miraculous 50%, but we are wonderfully close to getting there! If you want to help, especially now, before Pascha, please see the links above:¬†

Have a blessed Holy Week, and a real, bright Resurrection! You are all in my prayers, unworthy as they are. Please pray for me, too.

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  • Father bless,
    Are you going to Washington state for any fund raising? Our parish (Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church) is in Tacoma and we would love to hear what you have to say if you are ever in our area. My husband and I were on Mull and Iona last October for the first time, but we didn’t know about your monastery project then. We absolutely loved it there and hope to return one day.

    Christ is in our midst!
    A blessed Holy Week and Pascha to you!
    Stephanie Hille

    • Christ is risen! Dear Stephanie, many, many thanks for your comment. What a coincidence (if there is such a thing)! You are the second person this week who encourages me to go to Washington State; God willing, I shall do that on my next visit to the US, when I shall be fundraising for the monastic building (I am now trying to raise the money to buy a piece of land for the monastery). I wish I could go to more places now, but I am already dead tired and running out of time (I only have my Metropolitan’s blessing to be here until the end of May). If you want to help us (for which I am very grateful), please tell people in your parish about the monastery, tell them about the wonderful Celtic Saints, and encourage them to use our website to make a donation – just send them an email, and let God work in their hearts; that’s what I do. And let’s keep in touch – my next visit should be on the West coast, Washington state included.

  • Dear Father,
    Have a good Holy Week in the Convent – Good Repentance!
    Kind regards,
    Fr. Philip

    • Christ is risen, dear father!
      What a beautiful Holy Week this has been! This is, in fact, the first time in my (almost) nine years of priesthood when I celebrated all the Divine Services of the Holy Week, from Monday until the Resurrection – in my monastery in Bucovine, this was an honour reserved for the elderly fathers, while in the parishes I’ve served, we only celebrated the main services (mostly because we didn’t own the church).
      After all the mad travelling and fundraising, God has given my such a gift!
      Thank you so much for your prayers, dear father!

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