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Chalices of Flesh and Bones

God’s presence sanctifies all. Space and time – the dull and superficial space and time of our daily lives – are sanctified by Christ’s presence. Think of that this Sunday, when your priest comes out of the Altar holding the chalice … Read more

Sacred Spaces

I’ve always found it difficult to think of sacredness in terms of space (or time, for that matter). If sacredness is (as it is) a result of God’s presence in the world, I cannot see how space or time can … Read more

Notes from Iona

One week on Iona. Alone, in my tent. A few days and nights with nothing to face except Christ’s love for His creation: you and I. A few days suspended from the empty rush of this life. Some time out … Read more

Prayer by Night

Pray by night. Pray alone. Pray using no book, no image, no thought. Just stay awake for ten minutes after you wake up to have a glass of water, after your child or a nightmare wakes you. Stand there in … Read more