A day of cleaning at Kilninian

Well, that’s the way life is. After a day filled with puffins, cormorants and seals (plus a gorgeous sea-eagle watching over its vast territory from high up in the skies), there comes a day of cleaning, washing and scrubbing!

It is amazing what three people can achieve in a bit over two hours of work. I wish there were more opportunities (and more helpers) to do this sort of things for the church. Kilninian is such a lovely old building, one falls in love with it the more time one spends inside. 

Besides, there are things one only discovers doing things like this – the wooden frames of the windows, for instance, are badly damaged by the rain and we shall have to replace them very soon. I only saw this today, when I climbed on the ladder and got to see the high windows from very close.

I think we need one more day of hard work like today, then we can focus on replacing the windows, repairing the doors, polishing the floors and so on.

We started the day with the Divine Liturgy, did some serious cleaning, now it’s time for a long walk on one of the beaches on the coast. A blessed day to everyone


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  • I do not live on the island, but we try to visit at least once a year. In between visits, we receive the monthly “Round & About” local magazine. I am surprised that I have not seen any reports of photos of all the restoration work going on at Kilninian. Lots of people who love Mull but do not visit regularly receive the magazine, and I am sure they would be interested and delighted with all the good work that has been completed. With a link to your web site published, some more donations to the work might be received!

  • ‘If you could see what I can see when I’m cleaning windows’
    Keep up the good work.
    Hope to make it to Mull one day.

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