Our New Deacon

It is an immense joy for me to let you all know that, with the blessing of our Metropolitan Joseph, our father Fillan has been ordained a deacon on the Sunday of the Holy Cross. It all happened with me … Read more

In Hospital

Please forgive me for missing this week’s videos, audio messages, emails and everything else. On Sunday morning, I woke up paralysed from shoulders up. Things only got worse with time, and by Monday I was in the Emergency Room in … Read more

Asking for Forgiveness

My dear ones, I’m writing to ask for your forgiveness at the beginning of Lent, and to forgive you for any way in which you may have hurt me or the Monastery. May we all be forgiven, may we all … Read more

2023 Pilgrimage to Moldavia

We invite you to join us on our Pilgrimage to the Monasteries of Moldavia, August 26 – September 5. The total cost for the 11-day pilgrimage is 1900 GBP and it includes accommodation in my home Monastery, all meals, transport … Read more

Waiting – as a form of prayer

We are tired of all this waiting. We are tired of this coronavirus nightmare. Our life is on hold, everything is on hold and we are tired of waiting for ‘real life’ to return to normal. There’s a sense that … Read more

Celebrating Who we truly are

Today (and every day – in centuries past and centuries ahead; in this created time and in His eternity) Christ comes. He always comes, He always searches, He always abandons Himself so He may find me, and you, and all … Read more